The Nupen



Nupen was founded in 2005 in the city of São Carlos, an important technological center in the state of São Paulo. It began its activities as a Research and Teaching Center for Phototherapy in Health Sciences to offer scientific support to a new market, which was being attended to by the project, development and innovation activities (P, D & I) of the company DMC Equipamentos, its founder , also located in São Carlos, São Paulo.

At the end of the 1990s, Nupen was already performing teaching and research activities to meet dentistry in the new technological demands of photoactivated dental bleaching with solid state emitters and low intensity laser therapy using optoelectronic devices (LEDs and diode lasers). In this scope, the development of courses, training and didactic material played a crucial role in the dissemination of the necessary knowledge to the achievement of new techniques and clinical protocols using these new technologies throughout the country, Latin America and Mexico.

Since then, new technologies using devices and equipment based on optical (light) emitters have emerged, focused on aesthetics and veterinary medicine, requiring the widening of the scope in terms of research and replication of application protocols. And, from a portfolio of teaching materials, designing training, validating protocols and formatting projects for dentistry, Nupen has moved to new areas such as aesthetics, physiotherapy and veterinary medicine.

In 2009, Nupen began its activities in the medical area, notably in the area of laser surgery (otolaryngology, vascular surgery and neurosurgery) and biomaterials (bacterial cellulose membranes, hemostatics, non-stick and grafting materials). From there, Nupen plays a crucial role, carried out through multidisciplinary teams, in the replication of the necessary knowledge for the use of new techniques focused on the priority area of health, as well as in researches for validation of new techniques, equipment, devices and materials consumables aimed at the medical area, especially in the areas of laser surgery and biomaterials.


  • Organization and design of training, courses and training for the use of new technologies linked to or related to health sciences;
  • Elaboration of didactic materials of support for all professionals involved in the application and dissemination of such technologies;
  • Validation and operation of proposed new technologies, in strict respect and technical-scientific rigor;
  • Establishment of technical, scientific and clinical protocols;
  • Provide scientific support to internal staff and business clients;
  • Scientific and technical support in the elaboration of validation works of techniques and / or material, dissertations, publications, national and international, about the new technologies of interest;
  • Cooperation with other research entities (private or public);
  • Collection and treatment of technical and scientific data in the health market, aiming at the validation, improvement and / or creation of methodologies and products;
  • Carrying out the collection of statistical data and clinical information and evidence-based medicine in the areas of interest;
  • Sharing of information, data, elements and evidences, with the academic community and other professionals of the health area, including with the organized market;
  • Signing of agreements, agreements or other legal instruments with natural or legal persons, whether public or private, national or international, the objectives of which are compatible with the purposes of the Foundation;
  • Realization of community educational programs;
  • Granting of scholarships and cost aid for the improvement of specialties devoted to the generation and dissemination of knowledge useful to the process of development of art and knowledge;
  • Award of stimulus prizes to people who have contributed in a remarkable way to the development of art and knowledge in the country.


Plan and perform with excellence activities of coordination, advisory and / or operationalization of research, development and innovation projects (P, D & I); projects of applied scientific-technological research; projects of extension and teaching of innovative technologies in the health area, attending and collaborating with public and private entities, with or without lucrative ends.


The Nupen Institute is a foundation created to allow and contemplate the expansion of Nupen’s initial scope of action – Nucleus of Research and Teaching of Phototherapy in Health Sciences. And, due to the increasing demand for its work in new projects in several areas that extrapolate phototherapy, and new and growing collaborations in research projects together with important research institutions, as well as its requisition for the administration of courses and training in its areas of expertise, Nupen becomes the Institute of Research and Education in the Area of Cheers.

Nupen acts strongly in several branches of phototherapy (low intensity laser therapy – LLLT, photodynamic therapy or PDT and laser surgery), optical diagnostic techniques (optic biopsy) and intraoperative monitoring of anatomical structures; biomaterials (bioactive ceramics and composites, bacterial cellulose membranes, hemostatics and antifibrotics), among others.

The Institute is also a pioneering initiative of success in Brazil, offering a spectrum of broad and differentiated performance, and not offered at the national level by any other institutions, public or private.